Digesting Derrida

I’m currently working on Jacques Derrida, in particular Echographies of Television and Spectres of Marx.  Recently I produced a draft version of the third chapter of my phd thesis, which considers how immigration and death intersect in contemporary Spanish cinema. While researching this chapter, I happened to read Spectres. I find Derrida particularly challenging and not overly enjoyable to read- something that makes me reluctant to engage with his work. However, my supervisors were both taken with the way I applied his ideas, such as spectrality and the twin facets of occupation and exorcism, to the representation of death in Spanish immigration films.
I’ve since adapted my usual reading pattern – usually I read relevant material in its entirety rather than reading small sections – and have been working through Derrida in digestible chunks (i.e. a chapter a day) so as not to lose my patience! This is already proving more productive  -I’m finding his work much easier to stomach!

A (Fashionably?) Late Entrance to the World of Blogging…

Reflecting on my days as an under-graduate student, one assignment in particular resonates in my mind.  Why?  Because I was asked to write on a topic about which I had no idea: BLOGS!

Only recently have I discovered the wealth of material available in blogs such as the excellent Spanish cinema blog ‘Nobody Knows Anybody’ or the beautiful ‘Half/Films and Other Fragments’.  These, among others, have inspired me to create my own.

This blog begins as I enter the writing-up year of a PhD in Hispanic Studies and Film & Visual Culture, and documents my journey through Spanish cinema and film scholarship.  Happy reading!