Current Research

My first monograph, Subversive Spanish Cinema: The Politics of Performance, is now available for preorder with Bloomsbury. This monograph is an extension of work on the representation of performance in post-Franco Spanish cinema I completed as part of my doctoral research but involves a significant reworking and expansion of that material. Some of my favourite Spanish films feature as case studies, including Blancanieves (Berger, 2012), Los amantes pasajeros [I’m So Excited!] (Almodovar, 2013), Todo lo que tu quieras [Anything You Want] (Mañas, 2010), Tambien la lluvia [Even the Rain] (Bollain, 2010) and Noviembre [November] (Mañas, 2003).

I currently have very little time for research (due to being a mum to two little humans and working as a secondary school teacher part-time). But that said, I do have a few ideas up my sleeve in terms of where I’d like to take my research. I have a proposal under consideration for a book on the work of Fernando Len de Aranoa. I’d also love to write something on the films of Achero Mañas and on Luis Tosar… Watch this space!

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