If you enjoy reading my blog and want to know more about my research, here is a list of my academic publications. I’ve included links to the publications where possible. If you do not have access via your institution/cannot buy these titles, please drop me a line either by e-mail ( or on Twitter (@FionaFNoble).

Edited Books
Ferreboeuf, Rebecca, Fiona Noble and Tara Plunkett. Preservation, Radicalism and the Avant-Garde Canon. Edited by and with an introduction from Ferreboeuf, Noble and Plunkett. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. ISBN 978-1-137-47930-3/978-1-137-47437-7.
Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters and Journal Articles
“‘Once Upon a Time’: Childhood Temporalities in Post-Franco Spanish Cinema.” Journal of Children and Media. 11:4 (2017). 436-50.
“‘La familia ya no es lo que era’: Inter-cultural Lesbian Relationships in Contemporary Spanish Cinema.” Invited contribution on the topic of “Todo sobre mi familia – Perspectivas de género”/ “All about my Family – Gender Perspectives”. Feminismo/s. 23 (2014): 253-77. ISSN: 1696-8166.
“Corporeal Chaos: Violated Bodies in the Work of Salvador Dalí.” The European Avant-Garde: Text and Image. Eds. Selena Daly and Monica Insinga. London: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012. 2-17. ISBN-13: 978-1443840545.

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