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Spanish Film Review Club – Guest Contribution

Image taken from http://www.culturefix.co.uk/2013/04/review-im-so-excited-los-amantes.html

This week, I wrote a guest contribution for the Spanish film blog Spanish Film Review Club.  For the post, I reviewed the most recent film by Pedro Almodóvar, Los amantes pasajeros/I’m So Excited, considering the film’s politics in terms of personal, national, and imperial histories as well as its statement on contemporary affairs in Spain.  If you are interested, you can read it here.  Any feedback, comments, questions welcome!


“I’m so excited”: Los amantes pasajeros Teaser Trailer

I’m so excited about Pedro Almodóvar’s forthcoming film Los amantes pasajeros – see the latest teaser trailer here.  Already contemplating how the cabin crew’s camp, lip-synched performance of The Pointer Sisters’ ‘I’m so excited’ (shown in this trailer) resonates with the plethora of performance sequences that populate the Spanish auteur’s oeuvre, as well as how it relates to my PhD chapter on the Performing Body.